Telecommunications & Information Systems (T&IS) Supervisor at The Marine Spill Response Corporation

Telecommunications & Information Systems (T&IS) Supervisor

Telecommunications & Information Systems (T&IS) Supervisor

Company: The Marine Spill Response Corporation

Timeline: 2006 – 2007

Location: North America – United States

Supervised technical staff and managed network operations equipment for the largest dedicated standby emergency oil spill response organization in the United States.

Extensive Unix scripting, and patch-package delivery experience, utilized for the highest Tier 1-4 support of over 500 full-time field staff and their Mac desktops, laptops, and other (LDAP) synchronized devices dynamically changing positions around the United States and our US coastlines, 24 hours a day, 365 days each year.

Provided detailed, equipment and documented imaging and maintenance standards, for strict-audited government security compliance.

Responsible for workload distribution and supervision of personnel at head quarters to ensure IT and IS needs are met for internal staff and industrial shipping clients. Local team is responsible for maintaining the enterprise Open Directory LDAP, SQL, File Maker, 4D, Great Plains-FRX, and Citrix client systems deployed at Sea.

Working within the oil and gas sector, I responded to a variety of drills and emergencies across the United States, including the Citgo Refinery oil spill on the Calcasieu River in Louisiana in 2006, as well as the Safe Seas 2006 exercise. Recognizing the need for efficient incident management, I developed a custom service desk system utilizing php, MySql, and HTML.

This innovative solution streamlined the tracking of resources, personnel, and logistics during both training exercises and real-world crises. Due to its effectiveness and adaptability, the system I created was subsequently deployed in response to major oil spill events like Deepwater Horizon and the San Francisco spill, demonstrating its value in mitigating environmental impact and coordinating response efforts.

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