LAN Team Support Supervisor for the Human Genome Research Institute

Local Area Network (LAN) Team Support Manager: Service Desk Manager

Ed Arnold played a critical role in Scientific History while serving as a key member of the Information Technology support management team during the height of the Human Genome Project (HGP), a monumental international effort to map the entire human genome. It was widely understood and accepted our mission was making and publishing significant scientific advances into the public domain so they could not be monopolized for private patented gains; in other words discovery’s that we made were not for profit and helped everyone.

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Troubleshooting & Logging

debug ssh connections -vvv

To enable SSH debug, run the SSH command with the -v, -vv, or -vvv option: ssh -vvv user@host.com Link: https://www.ibm.com/support/pages/qradar-enable-debugging-mode-ssh-troubleshoot-connectivity-issues#:~:text=To%20enable%20SSH%20debug%2C%20run,forth%20communication%20between%20the%20hosts.

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