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Logo Design Examples

Using Adobe Illustrator I have created these logos and helped craft these brands. Adobe Illustrator is my go to Illustration application primarily because Vector illustration files generated are mathematically calculated. What this means is the canvas is limitless, these images will scale to any capable size where photographs that are pixel based are beholden to the pixel size.

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Roll Call Newspaper

Director of Information Technology

Hired to upgrade and manage Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) comprised of Internet Protocol (IP) attached client workstations, printers, web sites and e-mail servers utilizing Open Directory at the core and other Cisco, Checkpoint, Linux, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Novell networked applications, client desktops, and security appliances.

Responsible for the advertising support systems, electronic content workflow, and design associated with the development, launches and ongoing maintenance of public facing network applications servers, and websites;, and several upgrades to

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Electronic Librarian

Local Area Network Manager: Digital Librarian

In the pioneering days of the digital printing revolution 1990’s, I had the unique opportunity to work as a digital librarian at Direct Press. We were a truly innovative company, the first of our kind to offer nationwide, all-digital printing services. Our secret weapon was “crowd-sourced ganged printing,” a method that allowed us to combine multiple small print jobs into larger runs, drastically reducing costs for clients who couldn’t otherwise afford high-quality color printing.

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Ed Arnold EDID Supervisor Experience circa 1992

Electronic Data & Imaging Department (EDID) Supervisor

Ed Arnold played a crucial role in bridging the gap between traditional and digital prepress methods. Ed’s expertise was essential to ensuring smooth manufacturing workflows, high-quality output, and the successful integration of new rapidly emerging technologies into the highly competitive DC Metropolitan area printing manufacturing industry.

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Graphic Design and Typesetting

Graphic Designer, Typesetter, Bulletin Board Operator, Desktop Publishing and Publisher

My focus was on serving the many Veterans Associations and Patriotic Societies headquartered in the DC area. This was an exciting time to be a graphic designer and typesetter as I witnessed a massive shift from traditional paste-up and typesetting methods to this new exciting digital realm.

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