Logo Design Examples

Using Adobe Illustrator I have created these logos and helped craft these brands. Adobe Illustrator is my go to Illustration application primarily because Vector illustration files generated are mathematically calculated. What this means is the canvas is limitless, these images will scale to any capable size where photographs that are pixel based are beholden to the pixel size.

I can design your logo!
Here are some logo examples:

EddiesNotes.com – this website’s branding

CyberianCafe.com: Logo and Branding

CyberiancCafe.com Logo and Brand

eRedux.com: Logo and Branding

eRedux.com logo and branding

Hughes Solar Energy logo

Impaxsys.com: Logo and Branding

Impaxsys.com Logo design and branding

Unofficial Logos:

I have created to help morale, and as I have worked and consulted on some of the following projects in engineering capacities

Department of Homeland Security:
Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency
CDM Defend forward deployed engineer

CDM Defend Apple

Department of Defense:
Macintosh Center of Excellence (COE)
while forward deployed engineer

DOD Mac COE Logo by Ed Arnold

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