Roll Call Newspaper

Director of Information Technology

Director of Information Technology

Company: The Economist Newspaper Group: Roll Call Newspaper – The Newspaper of Capitol Hill –

Timeline: 2000 – 2006

Location: Washington DC

Hired to upgrade and manage Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) comprised of Internet Protocol (IP) attached client workstations, printers, web sites and e-mail servers utilizing Open Directory at the core and other Cisco, Checkpoint, Linux, Macintosh, Microsoft Windows, and Novell networked applications, client desktops, and security appliances.

Responsible for the advertising support systems, electronic content workflow, and design associated with the development, launches and ongoing maintenance of public facing network applications servers, and websites;, and several upgrades to

Secured company operations by customized development, maintenance and procurement of fault tolerant systems, redundant Internet/BGP Networking, disaster recovery systems and network security appliances in multiple hot and cold site locations.

Responsible for FileMaker Servers, SQL, MS batch script development, advertising and accounting server systems. Developed and maintained several Customer Resource Management

Driving Technological Transformation and Financial Success

A Profitable Engine for Growth: Joined Roll Call, recognizing its unique position as the most profitable entity within The Economist Newspaper Group, generating annual revenues exceeding $20 million. The role offered a unique opportunity to leverage technology to further drive growth and profitability. In recognition of immediate contributions to the company’s success, received a $40,000 pre-tax bonus in the first year (2000).

Ed Arnold Home Office 2000 Arlington Virginia
Ed Arnold’s Home Office 2000 Arlington Virginia

Technological Transformation Amidst Uncertainty: Stepped into a leadership role during a period marked by both technological change and national upheaval. The 2000 Presidential election controversy and the subsequent 9/11 terrorist attacks underscored the critical importance of robust IT infrastructure and business continuity planning. In this context, led a comprehensive modernization of the organization’s technology stack, including the transition from Apple and Novell environments to Microsoft NT, while simultaneously ensuring preparedness for potential disruptions.

Rapid Expansion & Digital Growth: Successfully managed a major operational shift as Roll Call expanded from a bi-weekly publication to a daily newspaper, necessitating significant upgrades in network capacity, hardware, and software to support the increased workload and digital content demands.

Public-Facing Digital Products: Played a pivotal role in the development, launch, and continuous improvement of public-facing web applications, servers, and websites, including,, and several major upgrades to the flagship This involved managing advertising support systems, electronic content workflow, and design, enhancing the online presence and revenue streams for Roll Call during a critical period of growth.

Heightened Security & Business Continuity: In the wake of 9/11, spearheaded a comprehensive overhaul of security protocols and disaster recovery systems. This included the customized development and procurement of fault-tolerant systems, redundant Internet/BGP Networking, and network security appliances in multiple hot and cold site locations, ensuring uninterrupted operations in the face of potential threats.

Custom Software Solutions: Demonstrated versatility by developing and maintaining critical server systems using FileMaker Servers, SQL, and MS batch scripts. These systems supported advertising, accounting, and customer relationship management (CRM) functions, streamlining business operations and enhancing customer service even as demands increased.

Key Skills & Achievements:
Financial Acumen: Understands the business impact of IT decisions, contributing to the ongoing profitability of a high-performing organization.

Crisis Leadership: Successfully navigated IT operations through periods of national crisis and uncertainty, ensuring continuity of service and safeguarding critical data.

Cross-platform Expertise: Demonstrated mastery of diverse operating systems and network technologies, including Apple, Novell, and Microsoft NT, facilitating a seamless transition and upgrade.

Scalable Infrastructure: Built a robust and adaptable IT infrastructure that could accommodate rapid growth and changing business needs.

Digital Transformation: Played a crucial role in expanding Roll Call’s digital footprint, driving audience growth and advertising revenue amidst challenging circumstances.

Operational Resilience: Established a world-class IT infrastructure that prioritized security, uptime, and disaster recovery, setting a new standard for preparedness in the media industry.

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