Retrieve List of Root DoD CAs For help configuring your computer to read your Common Access Card (CAC), visit Getting Started page.

For instructions on configuring desktop applications, visit End Users page. Admins can find configuration guides for products by type (web servers, network configuration, thin clients, etc.) on the For Administrators, Integrators & Developers page or a full listing of all of the documents and tools available from the site on the PKE A-Z page.

This scans keychain for Certificates in keychain labeled DoD and outputs to file on Desktop
sudo security find-certificate -a -c DoD | grep "labl" | awk -F\""" '//{print $4 $5 $6}' > ~/Desktop/oldDoDRootCAslist.txt

Use the following with this shell script: scans local (~/Desktop/DOD_Certs/DOD-CAs/CERs) for Certificates in labeled DoD and outputs to file on Desktop
ls -a ~/Desktop/DOD_Certs/DOD-CAs/CERs | awk -F\.cer '//{print $1 $2 $3}' > ~/Desktop/NEWDoDRootCAslist.txt

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