FileMaker Pro backup script

Example backup script
You can use the following script to save automated backup copies of a FileMaker Pro database.
This script saves a copy of your database on the fifth close and every fifth close thereafter. To make the script work, you need to define a global field called Count Field in one of the tables in your database. If you do not define a global number field, FileMaker Pro may increment a different record each time you close the application. You should define this script in all solution files that require backups.

To create the script:

To create the script:

1.Choose Scripts menu > Script Workspace. Or, choose File menu > Manage > Scripts.
2.In the Script Workspace, click New script button.
For details on creating scripts, see Creating and editing scripts.
3.Name the script Backup, then press Enter.
4.Enter the following script steps:
Set Field [::Count Field; 
::Count Field + 1] If [
::Count Field > 4] Save a copy as ["Backup Copy.fmp12"; copy] Set Field [
::Count Field; 0] End if 5.When you are finished, close the tab in the script editing pane, then click Save. 6.Close the Script Workspace. 7.Choose File menu > File Options, and click the Script Triggers tab. 8.Click the OnLastWindowClose script trigger, then click Select. 9.Select the Backup script. 10.Click OK. 11.Close the solution file. This script will create a backup of your file every fifth time you close the file.


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