Install AutoPkg
Install the latest pkg release. This will also install and load a LaunchDaemon used by AutoPkg’s packaging component. This allows AutoPkg to build packages without requiring root privileges.

Install Git
Git is used by AutoPkg to add new community recipe repos, and to keep them up to date. One way to install Git is to install the Xcode Command Line tools. On Mavericks or higher, you can prompt the system to install them simply by typing the git command, or xcode-select –install. If you have installed Xcode, you already have Git. Git is also available via the official Git installer package.

xcode-select --install

Setup -> Directions

Install some recipes
autopkg repo-add recipes

Now look at what recipes are available:
autopkg list-recipes

autopkg info GoogleChrome.pkg

autopkg info Firefox.pkg

Running a recipe: Google Chrome
run -v ~/Library/AutoPkg/RecipeRepos/



Video Tutorial – JNUC 2019
Jamf and AutoPkg | JNUC 2019
5,605 views Dec 3, 2019 AutoPkg is a community framework for capturing software installers from external or internal sources, automating the process of packaging these installers, and uploading the packages to a management system such as Jamf Pro. This avoids the need to manually obtain and package up software. In this session, I will explain how JSSImporter works and help attendees understand and construct AutoPkg JSS recipes through simple and then more complex examples. I will explain specific settings that are required to make JSSImporter work on Jamf Pro cloud instances and distribution points and show some of the different workflows that are being employed in the community to suit particular needs. Finally, as a member of the team maintaining JSSImporter and python-jss, I will explain the current state of affairs in terms of current and future development. With the deprecation of python 2.7 on the horizon, we are at a critical point in the future functionality of AutoPkg and JSSImporter.

% autopkg help        
Usage: autopkg  , where  is one of the following:

    audit              (Audit one or more recipes.)
    help               (Display this help)
    info               (Get info about configuration or a recipe)
    install            (Run one or more install recipes. Example: autopkg install Firefox -- equivalent to: autopkg run Firefox.install)
    list-processors    (List available core Processors)
    list-recipes       (List recipes available locally)
    list-repos         (see repo-list)
    make-override      (Make a recipe override)
    new-recipe         (Make a new template recipe)
    processor-info     (Get information about a specific processor)
    processor-list     (see list-processors)
    repo-add           (Add one or more recipe repo from a URL)
    repo-delete        (Delete a recipe repo)
    repo-list          (List installed recipe repos)
    repo-update        (Update one or more recipe repos)
    run                (Run one or more recipes)
    search             (Search for recipes on GitHub.)
    update-trust-info  (Update or add parent recipe trust info for a recipe override.)
    verify-trust-info  (Verify parent recipe trust info for a recipe override.)
    version            (Print the current version of autopkg)

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