mSCP jamf scripts

Bob Gendler one of the macOS Security Compliance Project (mSCP) Authors has posted some (FANTASTIC) scripts that will help integrate your mSCP project into a jamf instance.

This will help build compliance into Jamf.

This will build the following xml pieces to be used by Jamf:

• Categories (Section within baseline file)
• Extension Attributes (the check within the mSCP project rule)
• Scripts (the fix withn the mSCP project rule)
• Smart Groups (passed and failed)
• Policy scoped to failed with passed set as exempted
My implementation notes, after dropping script in the scripts directory within the project folders.

Step #1 – Move ( to project scripts folder as follows
/Users/MY_USER_FOLDER/Library/Application\ Support/macos_security/scripts

Step #2 – Run ( in project scripts folder as follows
python3 ./ -j /Users/MY_USER_FOLDER/Library/Application\ Support/macos_security/baselines/DISA-STIG.yaml

Look for this output in:
/Users/MY_USER_FOLDER/Library/Application\ Support/macos_security/build


The other part of this solution will automatically upload these pieces into your JAMF instance


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