Apple Silicon M1/M2 macOS IPSW Firmware restores

Restore macOS Firmware on an Apple Silicon M1 Mac + Boot to DFU Mode


How to download Apple Silicon M1 macOS IPSW Restore Files. You can use them with Apple Configurator 2 and a 2nd Mac for quick restores.
UPDATED 01/23/23

Revive or restore a Mac with Apple silicon using Apple Configurator
What does a restore do to your Mac?
A restore updates the firmware, updates recoveryOS to the latest version, and erases and installs the latest version of macOS on your internal storage. When this process is complete, any data on any internal volumes is unrecoverable.

You must restore the firmware and erase the internal flash storage if:

Reviving the firmware is unsuccessful

You can’t start the Mac from the startup volume or the recoveryOS

Make sure you have:

The latest version of Apple Configurator installed on a Mac running macOS 12.4 or later

Internet access

You may need to configure your web proxy or firewall ports to allow all network traffic from Apple devices to Apple’s network For more information on the ports used by Apple products, see the Apple Support article Use Apple products on enterprise networks. For more information on whether your network uses a web proxy or firewall, consult your router manual or your internet provider.

A supported USB-C to USB-C charge cable, such as the one sold by Apple (may not be available in all countries or regions) or a supported USB-A to USB-C cable

The USB-C cable must support both power and data. Thunderbolt 3 cables aren’t supported.


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